Who is Protect America?

A few months ago I answered a question on Wiki AnswersIs Anyone Familiar with the company Protect America?

A copy of my Wiki Answers answer is below, with additional comments underneath:

Protect America sells General Electric wireless home security systems, which include a Control Panel, Window Sensors, Motion Detectors, Security Stickers, and a Yard Sign. They also have other kinds of sensors available, such as Smoke/Heat Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, etc.

They charge a monthly fee for monitoring which ranges from about $30.00 to $43.00 a month, depending on which package you choose.

Since these are wireless systems, the customers usually do the installation themselves. You just need electric power and a phone line connection, or broadband Internet connection.

I checked, and as I write this Protect America has a BBB rating of only “C”, which isn’t that good.

Common things to look out for with these alarm companies is pushy salesmen who keep calling you back and trying to pressure you into signing up.

Also, they may require you to sign a contract, which could be for as long as 3 years. Once you sign the contract, if you have problems, you may find the customer service isn’t that good.

If you do an Internet search for “protect america reviews” you may find some comments from people that will help you decide if you want to choose this company.

As I write this, Protect America’s BBB Rating has gone up to B+, but they still have a pattern of complaints.

Also, as of this writing it appears their monthly fees range from about $20.00 to $43.00 a month.  The higher monthly charge is for having more sensors.

I don’t believe in charging a higher monthly charge just because you have more alarm sensors (motion detectors, etc.) in your home.

When you a looking at a company like this, be on guard for high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up.

You should also make sure you clearly understand the Terms and Conditions of their contract.

The only choice available may be a 3 year contract.  There may be an auto renewal, and it may be hard to cancel.

Sometimes the monitoring equipment or sensors don’t work the way you’d want them to.

If you have comments about Protect America or would like to give a review of another alarm company, please submit them below.


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