Welcome To PersonalSecurityBlog.com!

This is my first “Blog”.  I had a regular (non-blog) website about Personal Security that ran for 2 years, and decided to do this Blog instead.

With this Blog I can be personal and give my own opinions and perspective on personal security issues, crime, self-defense, protecting identity, and other security and safety issues.  I’ll also give reviews and information on different products and how to use them.

I decided to use WordPress because it has a lot of features, and writing a Blog allows me more flexibility in writing what I want.  It also allows an easy way for commenting on individual posts and pages. Even though my comments/posts may be slightly controversial, and everyone may not agree with them, or they may not be politically correct, the experts say it’s better to be original and do your own thing.

Please read my “About” and “More” pages for more more information on the types of things I’ll be posting about on PersonalSecurityBlog.com.

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