The Best Way to Protect Your Valuables

Aside from taking security measures to protect your home or business from burglary and break-ins, one of the simplest and inexpensive things you can do to protect your valuables, is to use an Engraving Tool.

You may have items you don’t think will ever get stolen, but can be expensive to replace.

Things like power tools, special carpentry and automotive tools, lawn mowers, power saws, drills, bicycles, cameras, toys, etc.

Some of these items may be stored in a garage or outside shed that is less secure and easier to break into.

If you have them marked with your name and a unique ID number, you can have added peace of mind.engraving pen

Engraving tools are inexpensive and can actually discourage thieves, because the items marked with a name and ID are more difficult to sell.

It’s also easier to catch and prosecute the thief, and there’s a much better chance the police will be able to return your items to you.

You can also take photos of the items, as well as taking photos of things too small to engrave – keep the photos in a safe place.

engraving tool

The engraving tool shown above includes letter and number templates, and can engrave plastic, wood, leather, hard steel, ceramics, porcelain, and even glass.

Millions of dollars worth of property is stolen every year that the police can’t return to the owners, because the owners can’t be found.

Or, a crime victim who contacts the police might not be able to prove that recovered property belongs to them.

Typically, what a police department might ask for is:

  • A police report about your crime, describing the stolen property
  • Manufacturers serial numbers
  • Identifying marks, numbers, or engravings that you have put on the items

When they can’t find the owners or prove ownership, the police often end up selling stolen property at auctions, and even use online auction sites to sell the items.


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