The Advantages of Dome Security Cameras for Surveillance

Dome security cameras are very versatile and can be used in many different locations for surveillance. They can be placed outside and inside.

You’ve probably seen many of these cameras with their dark tinted domes – so people know a camera is there, but they don’t know which direction it’s pointing. In a good quality camera, the dark dome doesn’t affect the picture quality.

Although there is less likelihood that someone will try to grab or vandalize dome cams, over other kinds of cameras, they are available with vandal proof protective casing.

Dome cameras can have the same features you would expect from any type of security cameras, including:

  • Day and night surveillance
  • Pan, tilt and zoom
  • Motion detection recording
  • DVR video recording
  • Ability to view video remotely from a smartphone or PC

ptz dome cameraDome cameras can vary in price, and some are fairly inexpensive. However, I think it’s better to invest in high quality cameras, especially if you have a business. If you start having technical problems, or a crime occurs and you find you have poor quality pictures, you make wish you bought better quality cameras from the beginning.

It’s especially important to have PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) on your cameras if you have a business.  Being able to zoom in could make a crucial difference in being able to identify a crime suspect.  The camera shown at the above left allows you to remotely Pan, Tilt and Zoom, and record high resolution video to any DVR.  It can even record in low-light conditions.

dome security cameraThe dome camera shown above allows you to monitor your home or business in real time.

It’s a vandal proof camera with a wide field of view.

Up to 10 family members (or trusted employees) can view a live video stream directly to their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

security camera live view

You can set up “event-based scenarios” – for example, you can receive an email notification when an employee (or someone else) goes into your store cash register.

The camera will capture video as long as motion is occurring. The video will also be stored for you, for later access.


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