Police Cam App Gives Real-Time Personal Security Protection

A company in Australia, called MobileSecurity365, has developed a special cellphone App, due to the number of rape cases and violent acts against women in that country.

The App can be used from anywhere in the world.

policecam appWhen the Policecam App is activated an alarm sounds, and then you can take video and audio pictures.  Your emergency contacts then receive a text message with a link to access the footage.  Your GPS location is included.  The police are also called.

If an attacker takes your phone while the Policecam is being activated a distress text message is still sent to your emergency contacts, which contains the GPS co-ordinates of your location.

Only you, your emergency contacts, and MobileSecurity365 employees can access the video and audio files.

The App costs only $4.99 (one-time payment) in US dollars, which is converted to your countries equivalent to $4.99 US.

Iphone users can download the Policecam App from the iTunes store. Android users can download from Google Play.

It’s called the “Policecam App“.

You can also go to policecamapp.com to get the App.  You can download a User Guide PDF from this website.

If you use this App or know anyone else who’s used it, please click the Comment link below and give us a review.


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