More About Me – What is Social Media?

What is Facebook? What is Twitter?

This is a sarcastic, but truthful article/page.  Some may find my perspective a little strange, but many of you may relate to what I’m saying.

With my previous website on Personal Security, I finally gave in to pundits stressing the need to use “Social Media“, especially Facebook and Twitter, to promote your website.

I bought 2 books on Facebook (Facebook Marketing, Justin R. Levy & The Facebook Marketing Book, Dan & Alison Zarella),and 2 books on Twitter (Twitter Power, Joel Comm & Twitter Marketing an Hour a Day, Hollis Thomases).  I’ve also read a lot of online material and other books on Social Media.

As far as business and websites, both Facebook and Twitter seem like they’re geared more for large corporations who advertise their Facebook and Twitter pages on TV and in magazines.  A lot of them use their pages to post “specials” to their “followers”.

I know I haven’t used the full functionality of Facebook.  They have a lot of “apps“, and a lot of them don’t work well.  I’ve read posts in forums from a lot of people expressing frustration with Facebook apps and functions.  On my previous site I put an app on that was supposed to show “recommended pages“, based on what people were viewing.

Although my site had well over 50 pages, it always recommended the same three pages, no matter what page the visitor was on – it was always the Home page and two other pages – always the same three.  I read a comment from a computer geek that said Facebook doesn’t have very good programmers.

With Twitter, after studying the above books, I finally understood the difference between followers and following.  However, to this day I still don’t understand or even see the reason for “hashtags” or putting the @ sign in front of your page name.

I was overwhelmed with all the Twitter information. The books basically said to start following some people, and then they would start following you – that’s how I would get followers.

When I did that, I saw my page filled with all their tweets. A lot of these people have a lot of free time or work for big corporations where their job is to tweet all day long.

So I had all their tweets on (my page) and thought “How can anybody see my tweets with all those others?”. So I Unfollowed all of them to get them off!

I tried asking lots of people who were supposed to experts on Twitter, and nobody would tell me how to stop all those tweets (of other people) from appearing on my page.

It was actually a simple answer, but no one bothered to answer me.

Except John Chow. He is the only one who took time out of his busy schedule to answer me.

He told me that my Twitter page shows only tweets by me. My Twitter Home Page (when logged in) shows tweets by me and everyone I follow.

I found many website owners were using their Facebook and Twitter pages to just post links to pages on their site.  I do tweets like that, but decided I wanted to add more value, so I tweet a lot to give information about personal security on other websites (and news articles) that I think will help people.

Here is an example of some of the things I’ve tweeted information about:

Home Depot stolen card numbers being used.

The easiest Identity Theft method.

Banks should install security cameras in foreclosed homes.

An inexpensive tool that could save your life.

Terrorists could cause a national blackout.

Kaspersky Uncovers Complex Global Cyber-espionage Operation.

The Google iPhone $17 million settlement.

Attorney’s Personal Information Leaked by Obamacare Website.

How to Stop Google From Using Your Photo and Name in Ads.

How to avoid credit card skimmers at gas pumps.

How to Tell If Your Credit Card Was Hacked.

The most common methods used for identity theft.

If you want to follow me on Twitter or “Like” me on Facebook, here are the Links:

My TWITTER page.

I’ll still use Facebook and Twitter, but the above list gives you an example of the type of information I’ll be blogging about here.

Well, that’s my scoop on Social Media, Facebook, and Twitter, and I’m stickin’ to it.  If you have a website or Blog, let me know about your Social Media experiences.


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