How to Stop Google From Using Your Photo and Name in Ads

Google recently announced a change to its Terms of Service which allows it to start using “user reviews” in ads.

Google calls the user reviews “shared endorsements”.  They will be able to use your photo, name and comments in ads.

desktop computerIf you are a Google+ user and give a review of a restaurant, for example, that’s considered a Google+ endorsement that they can use.

You probably should be paid for these endorsements. especially if you are a celebrity or have name recognition, but it’s not going to happen with Google.

However, you can opt out of shared endorsements.  Just go to:

You have to upgrade to a “Google+” account to remove your photo, name and comments from shared endorsement ads, but this is free.

Go to the “Settings” page and UNCHECK the box that says:

Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads.

Then click Save.

At least Google allows you to opt-out.  With Facebook you can’t completely opt-out, but you can control who sees your activity.

It’s legal for companies to do this.  Your only real defense against it is to not recommend anything via social media.


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