How SD Cards Are Used in Security Cameras

This is a follow-up to the post I wrote about DVR Cameras and Security Systems. Micro SD Cards are probably the most commonly used cards in security cameras.micro sd cardsThere are 3 sizes of SD (Secure Data) Cards – SD, Mini SD, and Micro SD. They have a memory capacity of up to128 GB (Gigabytes).

sd card-128gbA 128 GB card costs more than $100, but the one shown above is twice the speed of other cards. It’s usually used for Android tablets and Smartphones.

SDHC (Secure Data High-Capacity) have a memory capacity from 4 GB to 32 GB.

SDXC (Secure Data eXtended-Capacity) – like the 128 GB card shown above, have a memory capacity from 32 GB to 2 TB (Terabytes).

SD Cards have a notch on the left side which is a write-protection notch. Many have a sliding tab – sliding the tab up allows you to write on the card and sliding it back down protects what’s on the card from being overwritten or erased. Mini and micro cards don’t have this notch.

Micro SD Cards were created by SanDisk. One of these cards is almost small enough to fit inside a dime.

micro sd card with adapterAn SD Card Adapter looks like a regular SD Card and the Micro Card fits inside the bottom as shown in this photo.

You could actually use an SD Adapter with a Micro card inside just as if it was a plain SD Card. The plain card with the micro inside could then be placed in your digital camera.

However you don’t even need a regular size SD Card (or an adapter), as many of the hidden security cameras use a Micro card. You insert these cards with the gold pins pointing inward. You just have to make sure the card is turned the right way when inserting.

Sometimes a small diagram on the side of the device will show you the correct way. Whether or not you see a diagram, insert the card slowly. If you feel too much resistance, try inserting it the other way.

You may need to use your fingernail or some other object to push the card inI don’t suggest using a screwdriverthe cap of a Bic stick pen or something similar works good.

You will feel the card lock in place. To remove the card you push it in again slightly and a spring pushes the card out.

After you have taken pictures with your security camera the images are stored on the SD Card.

You could actually take a Micro SD Card from your security camera and put it into a USB Port of your computer to read, but you’d probably have a hard time getting it out.

micro sd card readerThis is why a Micro SD Card Reader was invented. This is just a longer device that you put the micro card into.

It’s like a handle – after you insert the micro card you have something to hold on to and more easily pull in and out of your computer’s USB Port.

As shown in the above photo, many of these readers also have some type of string and/or ring so that you can attach it to something and keep it from getting lost.

Again, you have to be careful when inserting this into your computer. Don’t force it in.

You may find that you have to angle the reader a little to the side to get in to go in because your computer’s USB Port may not be perfectly straight.

When you insert the card (inside the reader) into your USB Port correctly, you will see a small blue light on the side of the Reader and hear a short bell tone.

You should see a window come up that saysSD Card“. You will see options to Play, Open Folder to View Files, etc.

When taking videos with most security cameras, every time you start and stop the camera you create another file. You can click on the different files to view the videos. You can also delete any of these files if you want.


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