Fake Internet Browser Updates

If you land on a web page, you may see a pop-up window that says you need to update your browser.  The ones shown in the photos below are fake.

The web page you land on may detect what browser you’re using, and then put the appropriate update window on.  If you click anywhere on it, you’ll put malware (a virus) on your computer.

As far as I know, you normally don’t see “windows” advising of updates, except with Firefox – a small box (window) will appear in the lower right of you computer screen, simply saying that an update is available.  If you ignore that, a larger window will pop on later that says “Software Update” at the top, with “Update Available” underneath, and then underneath that – “A security and stability update for Firefox is available“.  There will also be a link with more information about the update – which leads to a Firefox webpage.

To be absolutely certain about Firefox updates, go to the Help menu.

Choose >> About Firefox >> “Checking for updates“, which you may only see for a couple seconds.  Then a BUTTON >> Apply Update

To check for Internet Explorer updates go to:

Start >> All Programs >> Windows Update

Google Chrome automatically updates.

Also, to check for Chrome updates:

Look for a little arrow “Update Chrome” in the Toolbar, and click on it.

How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

The Fake Update Windows:

Fake Firefox UpdateFake Internet Explorer UpdateFake Google Chrome UpdateFake iPhone Update

Photos compliments of thenextweb.com and stopmalvertising.com

If you click on a “Search Results” link and a window like one of these pops up on a page/site you haven’t been on before, that’s a clue that the window leads to a virus.  You should try and stay on familiar sites.

Another giveaway that this is malware, is the wording “some of extensions may interfere your work”.  Proper grammar would be “some of the extensions may interfere with your work”.

Also, “some extensions may interfere (with) your work” sounds too ambiguous.  “some of (the) extensions may interfere (with) your computer” would sound more logical.

These windows probably came from Russia, which is where a lot of viruses come from.  Notice the Russian letters in the “iPhone browser update” window.


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