Cyber Bullying Causes 12 Year Old Girl to Commit Suicide

In Florida a 12 year old girl recently committed suicide due to cyber bullying. The sheriff there said that he wants to file charges against possibly more than a dozen girls who sent cruel messages, such as “Go kill yourself” and “Why are you still alive?”.

The girls who sent the messages could be charged with felony cyberstalking, because the victim was under 16 years old.

child on the internet

These messages are being sent with cell phones, from social media outlets, some based in foreign countries.

Statistics show that more than 80% of teens use cell phones regularly, and more than 40% have been bullied online.

It’s also reported that only 10% of the cyber bullying victims will tell a parent or a trusted adult about the abuse.

girls whispering gossipAs was the case with this 12 year old girl, a lot of the cyber bullying is a follow up to actual physical bullying and abuse, at school or somewhere else.

Cyber Bullying can happen any day of the week, 24 hours a day, and can often happen while a child is alone.

Since many children aren’t mature enough to deal with these things, parents should become more proactive and know what’s going on.

Get information here about a device that allows parents to remotely supervise your child’s mobile/cell phone use:

    • Protect your child from predators or school bullies.
    • Stop your child from using violent or sexual Apps, or visiting inappropriate Websites.
    • Know if your child is texting while driving.
    • Receive App Alerts for Spyware and Malicious actions, such as stealing your personal information or sending secret Text Messages that will cost you money.

monitor childs phone and internet use



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