Bullets and Guns Flying Off the Shelves

Especially since President Obama was re-elected, and after the massacre of schoolchildren in Connecticut, both bullets and guns have been flying off the shelves, in stores all over the United States.

Lethal firearms aren’t my first choice for self defense, but that won’t change what’s going on.

People are worried about economic problems and also afraid of Obama’s stand on weapons.

Handgun drawingIt’s the high capacity weapons and semi-automatic rifles that have been selling out fastest.  These may not be needed by the average person, but are used by people that like to shoot at target ranges, and hunters.

The AR-15 and similar guns have become almost impossible to find.

The use of the term “assault rifle” has been very misleading.  The “semiautomatic” rifles reload automatically, but they don’t really shoot automatically.

They only fire once each time you pull the trigger.  There are lots of semiautomatic rifles as well as pistols being sold.  They are very common.

Man holding rifle

A “fully automatic” weapon, which does fire continuously when you hold down the trigger, has been strictly regulated since 1934.

People are buying these weapons just because they think certain ones may be banned, and they won’t be able to get them anymore.

There have been reports of sales and prices increasing up to 500 percent.
Because of the escalating prices, there have even been reports of people buying guns just to resell at a profit.

They don’t even know what an AR-15 is, but think Obama is a great gun salesman, and they want to get in on the action.BulletsBullets have also been flying off the shelves for the same reason.  Gun owners are stockpiling bullets in case the guns they are used for are banned.

Some guns and bullets are already hard to get, so some retailers are putting limits on or rationing what customers can buy.  Many stores can’t replenish their supply because their distributors are also out of stock.

Some store owners are also scared about the potential of people losing Second Amendment rights, and think it will cause them to go out of business if certain legislation ever passes.


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