Beware of “Free” Home Security Offers

free home security with conditionsYou may see “Free Home Security system” ads on TV, in magazines, or even on inserts that come with your utility bill or credit card statement.

Usually there is an 800 number to call.

Be aware that if you call an 800 number you can’t block caller ID, so even if you don’t buy anything on the initial call, you’ll probably keep getting solicitation phone calls.  You may also get more calls trying to sell you different products.

On a TV ad you might not be able to see the “fine print”, or the print may not stay on the screen long enough to read.

A typical offer will say you’re getting a “Free” security system, but it’s NOT free.

Simplisafe keypadBy signing up you may be agreeing to an “installation charge” of $99 or more, and as much as a 3 year (36 month) agreement to pay a monthly fee of around $35.00 to $45.00 or more.

So a “free” 3 year system may really cost you about $1360.00, or even more.

Your contract may also auto-renew without you realizing it.

I personally don’t recommend buying anything over the phone.  You don’t know who you’re giving your credit card number to, and once they have your number, they can put a lot of unauthorized charges on your account, that may be very hard to get removed.

If you call one of the “free system” ads you may also be confronted with a high pressure salesman trying to sell you a long-term contract.

Also, the people running those ads are often just dealers or sub-dealers, so the installation and service may not be that great.

People also report problems such as some components not working properly, or expensive charges to replace a broken part.

If you want an easy to install system, with no long-term contracts and a low monthly fee, I recommend Simplisafe.


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