Be Careful Who You Buy From and What You Buy

With the Christmas shopping season and “Black Friday” approaching, you may be looking to get a great bargain.  There may even be some popular, but expensive items you’d like to buy for your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, or other family members.  You wish you could get them at a discounted price.

The new iPad is something a lot of people would probably like to have.

Prices for iPads range from $499 for a 16GB model, to $699 for a 64GB one.  With the + Cellular feature, they can cost up to $829 for a 64GB model.

What if you ran across someone who said they were in a desperate situation and needed money, and was offering to sell you a brand new iPad they bought, at a big discount from what they paid.  Or, just someone claiming to have “discounted” merchandise for sale.

A woman in Texas was approached by a man at a gas station offering her a new iPad he claimed was worth $800, for $200 cash.

She gave him the cash and he drove away.  The iPad was in FedEx box.  She took it out of the box.  It had an Apple TM symbol on the back.  When she turned it around and unwrapped the front, she discovered it was just a mirror the size of a real iPad tablet.

In the days leading up to Christmas, crimes that involve fake products and other scams usually increase, so be aware.

More advice:

Best Buy, and possibly other stores, may have demonstration models of some products on the store shelves.

When you purchase an item that’s in a box, open it in front of the clerk at the store to make sure it’s real, and that all the parts are there.

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