An Inexpensive Tool That Could Save Your Life


There is a small, inexpensive tool that many people have never heard of or think about, that could save your life.

It’s called an Auto Emergency Tool.

Here is the first situation that has happened to many people.  Imagine you’re in an auto accident where your car or truck rolls over several times.  Perhaps your airbags work OK.  You are conscious and alert and don’t appear to have any life threatening injuries.  However, when you try to get out of your vehicle you find that your seatbelt latch is jammed and you can’t get free from the seatbelt and out of the seat.

seatbelt cutterThe first function of the Auto Emergency Tool is a Seatbelt Cutter.  It has a razor-sharp blade that hooks onto the side of your seatbelt.  You just slide it across to cut the belt.

There was a woman driving on the highway with her young son in the back seat. While he was sleeping he twisted the seatbelt around him.  He spent several minutes trying to get the belt untangled, but made it even worse.

It became so tight he was having trouble breathing, so the mom used her Auto Emergency Tool to cut it off.

There is another situation which also happens many times.  In the accident described above you could still be trapped after cutting your seatbelt, because the windows are up.

Or your car is on fire, and you need to get out quickly.

Or many times people end up in a body of water, such as a lake or river and the windows are up.

There have been many incidents where people were talking a to a 911 operator while their car was sinking into the water, and they were trapped inside.

You may thiwindow breakernk that you could smash a window out with your foot or fist, but when you try you aren’t able to do it – you’ll find it’s harder than you think.

There are thousands of vehicles that sink in lakes or canals every year, and AAA estimates this results in almost one death every dwindow break punchay.

The next function of the Auto Emergency Tool is a Window Breaker.  This is a special metal punch – with just a single motion the metal tip pops out and shatters your window when you press it against the glass.

                    Lifehammer         resqme

The tool on the left above is called LifeHammer and includes a mounting bracket.

The one on the right is called ResQMe – it’s the same tool, but with a strong clip that hooks to your keychain.  Both are less than $20.

Police and fire departments use these, and they should be legal for anyone to buy in most areas (check your local laws), as long as you’re not using the tool to break into cars.

Many people will keep one in their glove compartment and another on their keychain.


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