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I worked as a security officer for more than 10 years.  I had no special qualifications, but did meet a lot of Police Officers and observed a lot of things.  I previously had a Personal Security website.

Having a Blog allows me more flexibility.  I can write about crime and personal security issues, such as the Connecticut school shooting, or drones being used by police departments.david-2

I can also give information about a home security company or a great self-defense product.

People and Security

Most people would say they are interested in personal security, but as far as buying security products, it’s mostly an impulse thing.  If a woman is sexually assaulted or even raped one day, she will suddenly be looking to buy pepper spray or some other self-defense product.  The friends and family members she confides in will probably also take a sudden interest in self-defense products, or even going to the extreme of purchasing a firearm.

If you’ve lived for years in the same house or apartment without any problems, and then one day come home and find your home has been burglarized, you will most likely be shocked and devastated.  No matter the value of what may have been stolen, I know from personal experience, that the feeling of having your privacy and personal/family domain violated, is especially troubling.

When the police come to investigate, they may or may not take fingerprints or photos.  It may seem that they aren’t taking your situation very seriously, that there would need to be tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items stolen, for them to give your case much attention.

You may not even hear back from them, and/or they just may not be able to do much to solve the crime.

This is when most people will suddenly realize the need to be more proactive and not depend on the police entirely. You’ll suddenly start looking to take some action like buying security cameras, an alarm system, getting more secure door locks or windows, etc. Things you may have gone for years without any thought of, you’ll suddenly consider.

When looking for security products online, there are a lot of products and companies, and also a lot of confusion about what to buy.  The same holds true when taking security measures and buying products offline as well.

In future posts I’ll directly name and give my reviews of some specific security  products and websites, and also try to give information related to doing business with security companies offline – buying products, looking for alarm companies/services, etc.
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