A Popular Do It Yourself Home Alarm System

The most common complaints people have about home alarm systems and companies are:

  • High pressure salesmen.
  • Being forced into long term (2-3 year) contracts for alarm monitoring.
  • Having to pay for installation, or with Do it Yourself systems, not having the tools and/or technical ability to install the system and get it working properly.

The Simplisafe Wireless Home Security System is one of the best home alarm systems I have seen for the do-it-yourselfer.

Since it’s wireless, you don’t need to have carpentry skills or hire a professional installer.  The sensors go up easily with adhesive backing, or you can also use small screws if you want.

Simplisafe Alarm System

One of the first things an experienced burglar will do is cut your phone line, which disarms you alarm system.

Simplisafe uses a wireless connection through a cellphone network – it will still work if your landline is cut.

Many home alarm users report that (other) alarm companies will charge EXTRA if you want wireless monitoring.

Another thing that burglars do is smash your alarm system keypad, which disables your system.

Simplisafe keypadSimpliSafe will still work and alert the police, even if your Keypad is smashed.

The monitoring is very inexpensive – it starts at only $14.99 a month.  No contract is required.

You can customize the system to fit your living arrangements.  Start with an 8-piece package, and add more of the sensors you need, whenever you want.

It comes preprogrammed and all components have battery backup,

A free app gives you total control of your security system from anywhere in the world.

SMS and email alerts keep you informed 24/7, with alarm and activity alerts sent directly to your cell phone.

Buy Simplisafe $15 cheaper at Amazon!

This video is a computer repair guy reviewing Simplisafe:

“It has been phenomenal…It’s fantastic!”

The video below is from someone installing the system in a townhouse apartment:

“I have nothing to say but wonderful things.”

You can buy the Simplisafe system directly from the company, but at Amazon.com you’ll get the same Simplisafe system about $15.00 cheaper!


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