65 Years in Prison

Another Hidden Danger of Drug/Gang Involvement

Keep your kids away from drugs and gangs.

I was moved to write this as one of my first blog posts by an article I read in a local paper.  Besides the obvious problems and dangers of drug use and gangs, there is one you may not have though of.  If you get to the point where you’re dealing (selling) drugs, you should be very careful – you may not realize who you’re selling to.

Prison Cell

The young man (in this article) was 28 years old.  He grew up in what I would call a medium size city.  He got involved with drugs and selling them.  Of course, the most common drug on the streets is crack cocaine, which he sold along with guns.

I know the area this young man lived in.  It isn’t an affluent area, and he was in the poor section.  That demonstrates another irony about this story – I just can’t see him generating any sizeable sum of money from his efforts.  I don’t know what amounts were involved, but even if he made tens of thousands of dollars, I just don’t see him “stashing away” enough money to do much with.  This wasn’t a large area, and according to the article, he wasn’t any kind of drug kingpin.

He joined a gang and continued selling drugs and guns.  The police chief in this city took advantage of federal help that was available from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, to help stop the drug dealing and get the gang off the streets.

You know that when the federal government gets involved, there will be good resources and experience available.  So before long this young man was selling drugs and guns to undercover federal investigators.

The gang was broken up and dozens were arrested and convicted on federal charges, including the young man in this story.  He was charged with possession of a gun by a convicted felon and possession of cocaine.

He was sentenced to 65 years in prison, and he must serve at least 55 years.  That means he will be at least 83 years old when he gets out of jail.  There’s not much time left at that point to think about getting involved in some productive, lawful activity.

This might be a good story for you to tell your kids, and/or for them to tell their friends who might be inclined or tempted to get involved with drugs or gangs.

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